Repeal Obamacare?

How much sense does it make to throw out the healthcare act?

Think about it: you buy a new car, get a flat tire and so you throw the new car away! Because the tires aren’t perfect?

Anyone knows that is ridiculous and stupid. Simply put on a new tire!

The best first fix for insurance is to monitor the greedy insurance companies and don’t let them rip us off and take advantage of us! Second, change the breakdown for premiums. Those are way too high for the average middle-class and retirees.

If anyone was really paying attention to the original plan of Obamacare, it was supposed to help and provide insurance for everyone. It would have been a good plan at that point, But through the course of trying to get it passed through congress there had to be some compromises which ended up being good for insurance companies and bad for consumers.

But then that fight was to be expected since, when Obama won the election, the Republicans said that they would not pass ANYTHING that Obama wanted, regardless of what it was. And they have done that through the full eight years. They also said that they were going to make sure that he did not get a second term and, at the very least, they were going to leave him with a bad legacy. They have nearly succeeded in that. One thing about the Republicans, sometimes they keep their word!

Don’t throw out your new house because something doesn’t work exactly right! Let’s be reasonable! 


Trump a changed man?

The comments made by trump about women was nothing short of deplorable. Yes, I said deplorable!

People have said that we should forgive him. True. As individuals we would do well to forgive him, however, he is still the same person who disrespects women (and others). If he had become a better man and showed us that he was good and respectful to all people from the beginning, the video could have been defended and left in the dust. But when there is no change, there is no defence that makes sense.

Let’s say that someone you hardly know stabs your son causing life-threatening injuries. You can forgive them, but do you really want to bring them into your home to sharpen your knives?

trump wants to lead this country! Scary, scary, scary…..

Trump taxes…..

So, it’s genius that Trump figured out loopholes to save him from paying taxes? So much about this is just wrong.

It may not have been illegal, but it was sneeky and hard on the rest of us. Our taxes rise, in part due to people like him. Government needs taxes to operate, if there is not enough money taxes must go up and who takes the hit for that? Not the wealthy, they find loopholes. 

His goal is to take care of his family and his employees? Well, if he really intended to help his employees, it would have been helpful to point out to tax lawmakers that employees’ taxes are going up because there are too many loopholes for the wealthy business owners. Wouldn’t that have been the right thing to do? It is said by some that he is kind, generous and considerate. Seriously? Just think about that.

He will fix it? Ha. What a joke. He may request tax code changes, but it will be voted down. And guaranteed he won’t fight that. He wants to teach other big corporations how to avoid taxes. Does he have any clue what programs are operated from those taxes? Where would vets be without their program? Where would senior citizens be without SS? Very few people have the good fortune to get to retirement with millions of dollars to carry them through to the end.

He wants to annihilate ISIS. How can he do that if there is no money? Where is the genius there? 

He is all about him and no one else.

TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP and the rest of the world be damned! (Except his buddy Putin, of course!)

Presidential debate…….

So I watched the debate…..  Pence says that Trump showed great restraint! Really? Is that what you call his attacks and interruptions, restraint? I was not impressed with him at all. The only restraint I saw was not using “crooked” in his language!

When he said Hillary does not have the temperament to be president, but he does, I LMAO! That was the funniest joke of the night!

He has no concept of diplomacy. That may be an attractive thing to his supporters that don’t know diplomacy themselves, but if you consider the repercussions of his attitude when speaking with other world leaders, that is a dangerous way to be. We will become a joke and a target to the rest of the world. Rolling his eyes, making faces, interrupting with “not true” or “I did not”, is not only immature, but rude.

He would be a disgrace to our country and cause more hatred and attacks in our land.

I have been undecided about whether I could vote at all, but one thing I do know is that there is no way I would ever vote for Trump. His way of answering questions is to blame everyone for how “terrible ” things are in the USA. He avoids the questions with attack, attack, attack.

I was mostly impressed with Hillary. There were a couple digs she got in that made her lower herself to his level and I didn’t like it, but she showed a much more presidential demeanor. She took the high road way more than he did. (I’m not sure he has experienced the high road ever in his life). She was right when she quipped that soon she would be blamed for everything. He did say that she has spent her whole life avoiding getting rid of ISIS! How stupid is that comment? 

When she said he had not paid any federal taxes, he chided “I was being smart”. No wonder the middle class has to pay so much more in taxes, the wealthy aren’t paying anything to run the government, ’cause they are being smart! And he wants to lower taxes for the rich? Because they create the jobs? How can you create jobs when you are giving MILLIONS in bonuses and terminations to CEOs? Use that money to pay a lot more employees! The only thing that will come from lowering taxes for the wealthy is there will be even more money in the pockets of the already well-off and still no more jobs.

I agree with Hillary that employees should get to have a portion of the profits, it should not all go to the top when they aren’t doing the actual labor! 

I think the more I hear (or in Trump’s case, the less I hear) I think there is only one way I can vote now….

I’m with her!

True or False?

Why are so many people anxious to grab onto negative, often false information about other people? Trump is so scared of Clinton that he knows the ONLY thing he has is to find, or make up, negative stuff he can throw out there about her. He doesn’t care if it is true or false or unimportant. As long as he can be negative, there are millions of people that love negativity so much that they grab on to that bone like a hungry dog and don’t let go, regardless if they find out that the information is falsified and inaccurate. I really despise people who love negative stuff about others, even if it is false, more than any good about them.  I think it is to make them feel better about themselves. If that person can look really bad, I can look really good next to them.

Despicable, that is what those people are.  Let’s just go ahead and put Trump in office and see what happens. He wants to run the country like it is one of his own personal companies. Would that be the companies that went bankrupt? Or the ones that are millions of dollars in debt? Hmmmmm..

How is his money being spent? Who is he paying off to get what he wants? Is his “audit” really that? Or is it a cooking of the books to hide something? What is the reason the IRS began an audit anyway? 

One more thing: Trump calls his values, values of love and respect!!!  That is a LMAO statement, if I ever heard one! He needs to look up the meaning of love and respect. Has this man ever looked in a dictionary? Does he even know what a dictionary is? I wonder….


Just supposed to believe his kids? 

What child do you know that has a billionaire dad that would say anything bad about their dad? They’d be cut out of the Will! 

I have NEVER seen the kind, considerate, blah, blah, blah, person they say he is. SHOW US!!!! The devil can make evil look attractive and desireable while leading unsuspecting people down the road to destruction.

And Mr Christie saying that Clinton will do anything, say anything, to be president. ???????  Isn’t that what Trump has been doing all aling?   If not, Where have I been? When Christie points a finger at Clinton, does he realize there are three fingers pointing back at him? All this disgusting behavior is on the national stage! I would be so embarrassed to have millions of people watch me being so immature and hateful!

And prison….. Maybe Trump and Clinton should be put in jail in the same cell! Hillary for emails, Trump for his scam called Trump University, taking advantage of people who don’t have tons of money. Trump is not squeeky clean. He has mud all over him, as much as any politician!

Why are we electing a president based on how mean he can be and how much mud he can sling, instead of how he plans to get things done? That is immature on his supporter’s side!

How can his radical behavior be called conservative? I don’t get it! 

He spews venom and gets more supporters, someone points out some of his faults and HE gets more supporters! What? He travels the low road and gets supporters, his opponent tries to take the high road and HE gets supporters! 

If Clinton refused to release her tax reports, he would be all over her like stink on a skunk!

Call me stupid, but this is making my head spin! All of this defies logic!

                                                I AM SO FED UP WITH THIS CHILDISH BEHAVIOR! 

                                                             GET THE PAIN OVER ALREADY!

I hope I can still love America even with him in office.

Now I have to go throw up! LOL

Thanks for listening.

God help us! And God bless America in spite of ourselves. 

Ramblings from my head – Trump is a good man…..?

Hmmmm. If intelligent people on the political stage tell us that Trump is a good guy, why is the public not allowed to see that? Why is he such an arrogant buffoon when on stage? If he is as great as they say he is then his supporters are not going to be happy for f he becomes that good guy because they want to embrace the hatred, bigotry, anger and racism.

I don’t get it! This is my theory, which I may have shared before. He is a nice guy (fake, acting) behind the curtain because he needs to impress big names. But when he comes out from behind the curtain he is the real Mr. Trump, full of hate, bigotry, venom and loves causing division in America. It is like his thinking is that he can get America more divided than ever then swoop in like a super hero and turn it all around in a day or two and save America! Wow, our hero! NOT!

He admires things about Saddam Hussein, Hitler and Putin. All of which were/are dictators, communists, tyrants. He may have denounced the endorsement of KKK, I didn’t hear when he did that, but think about it, why did the KKK feel they wanted to endorse him? Do you think it was his racist attitude? Something he said appealed to the KKK.

Really now, do we want to be controlled? Trump is a dictator. I recall an interview he did in which it was pointed out to him that as president, what he wants done has to pass congress and his reply was “They will do what I tell them to do.” Sounds like a dictator to me!

And about his trophy wife, how can she use so many phrases from Michelle Obama’s speech and both her and Donald see nothing wrong with that, just claim she thought of them herself and everything is good. Wouldn’t she have been smart to look back at former wives speeches to make sure she did not plagiarize. I think an intelligent person would do that. And Trump puts people down for reading from a teleprompter, wasn’t that what she was doing? 

Oh, yeah, I want a first lady that exposed her nude body to the camera! Let’s distract the American male from the reality of the president and get him turned on by the first lady! That’s a real presidential thing to do. Showing her nude picture to everyone was very disrespectful of him. (But he respects women, he says.)

He acts like he is royalty. Not subject to anything the “common” people are.

What is wrong with so many Americans? Are they just stupid or are they so angry that it makes them easy targets for a con man?

So many reasons he is bad and dangerous for America. The world will now view us as; America, made up of hateful people, racists and shallow men!

He is going to bring law and order to this country, but he won’t say how. That’s Scary.

Sadly, I think he is going to be our president. Say goodbye to a 240 year old America😢, say goodbye to freedom ☹️, say hello to Trumpland! 😬

☹️ R. I. P. AMERICA. 😪😪😥😢

The devil is headed for the White House…

There is only one thing that really terrifies me and that is Trump as President. What makes him think he can fix ANYTHING? The divide in this country became wider than it has ever been when he opened his mouth and spit hatred, bigotry and venom. 

 If you are a Christian and have read Revelation, you know that all these things happening right now are a sign of the times. 

We need to be ready. The King is coming and He is the ONLY one that can save us from the devil (in the body of Trump) and his terrifying work of hatred and death. Don’t be decieved, the devil is working through Trump and this nation is in for an unpleasant surprise. 

God is the only one that can give me peace in the face of this evil we are facing.

We who are Christians and believe in God, need to hold tight to the promises from God, that He will see us through. (not Trump Christian. Christian means one who follows Christ, the only one Trump follows is Trump). 

Peace be with you all.


This is not about politics this time, but about police and the people they are assigned to protect.

This last week was so terrible and hard to observe. I agree that there are times when police react in an unacceptable manner. There are times when citizens act in a reckless manner.

My view on the two shootings by officers. In both, I am extremely saddened. I think, however, it is irresponsible for us to rush to judgement before thinking about the whole situation.

The first one was totally unacceptable in my view. The victim was being held down by two officers, not much chance of him doing the officers harm. I cannot see any good reason for this shooting. Taser should be the first option.

The second one, the officer did react hastily, however, let’s look at the whole picture. The driver told the officer he had a weapon and then reaches into his pocket. How was the officer supposed to know the driver was reaching for his license and not the gun?  These days I think it is extremely important for citizens to use some common sense as well. If the driver had been white and did the same thing, the situation, with the same officer, would have had the same results. This was not a black issue in my mind. This was an issue of an officer reacting too quickly to a driver who said that he had a weapon and proceeded to reach in his pocket. The thoughts going through the officers mind may have been: is he reaching for his gun? ” Keep your hands up where I can see them, sir”, He’s not following my instructions, fear, pow. It is done.

Anyone, white, Hispanic, black, can say they are reaching for their license and come up with a gun. There was no way for the  officer to know if he was going to be facing a gun or not.

I am not blaming the shooting on the victim, I am saddened by his death. All I am saying is that we all have responsibilities. Officers need to use restraint and we need to follow instructions given by officers and not assume they know what we are thinking.

This all resulted in a horrible event, five officers dead, more injured, which can only produce more anxiety in officers around the country. T

he other option might be to just disband police altogether. Just let everyone rum amok. That does not sound logical, or safe, to me. Then, we have more people killing each other than we already do. Not the America I want.

Escalation of hatred in America

June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announces his run for president of the USA. He had been spewing hate and racism fo a few weeks already.

With the mass shootings in our country, I decided to look up some statistics. Using my own perimeters of shootings with greater than 6 deaths, I looked first at the dates of June 16, 2014 to June 16, 2015. The one year prior to Mr. Trump’s announcement. Then I looked at the same perimeters with dates from June 16, 2015 to July 8, 2016. Through that time period Mr. Trump continued to incite anger and hatred.

My findings surprised even me. I really wanted to find out that there was not a drastic spike in anger and hatred.

June 2014 – June 2015:  No mass shootings with greater than 6 deaths.

June 2015 – June 2016:  NINE mass shootings with greater than 6 deaths. A total of 117 deaths in shootings with 6 or greater deaths since Mr. Trump opened his mouth and said that we need to build a wall.

What a coincidence! Mr. Trump begins stirring up racism and hatred and mass shooting deaths spike drastically!

Sure, you can say it is just that people are tired of the same-o, same-o. But I see it as a direct result of Mr. Trump seeming to give informal permission to supporters to release their anger on others.

Granted, many of these shootings are terrorist acts, but stirring up anger, hatred and rasicm makes it easier for terrorists to recruit within our nation.


This is extremely dangerous for our country. 

My numbers came from 

One more thing: Mr. Trump (anti-immigration Trump) is only the third generation in this country, on his father’s side, second on his mother’s side. Germany and Scotland.