Does the current US President represent all American citizens?

No, he does not!

Dear world:

The vast majority of Americans have not given up our values. We still care about others. We are heartbroken by the dark and hateful minority that are complicit and believe that the behavior of the president is fine.

I cannot convey in words the shock and dismay we feel at his, nearly daily, dark behavior.

We, the majority of citizens, do not in any way, share his vile views.

I, personally, can never condone his language or white supremacist views.


Throw out the healthcare plan?

No, The healthcare plan is not perfect. 

My house is not perfect. Should I burn it down and start  over? That makes no sense at all, I don’t have billions of dollars to do that.

If the current healthcare plan is thrown out, the insurance companies can turn you and your children down for pre-existing conditions. Your children cannot be covered while going to college. They can put a limit on how much they will pay in a lifetime, meaning all those parents with children that have terminal diseases will have to pay insane amounts of money when that maximum is reached. 

EXCUSE ME? Does that make sense to any mature, or even half mature, person?

I continue to be baffled by the lack of common sense and lack of decency left in the people who support trump. 

This latest stuff on Hillary hasn’t even been shown to voters and people are just jumping to conclusions. It is highly probable that these e-mails are not connected to her at all. But no one knows the content.

When you go home, does your boss know what you are doing? Does your boss know when you go to the bathroom? Does your boss know your private conversation with your spouse?

NO. So Why should Hillary be on the hook for something at a staffer’s house that she knew NOTHING about?

Maturity, even to the age of 8 or so, would know that that is very dumb to make a judgement without facts.

I would not want to see ANY trump supporter on a jury!

I am saddened by America’s descent into the mud and s**t! 


This is not about politics this time, but about police and the people they are assigned to protect.

This last week was so terrible and hard to observe. I agree that there are times when police react in an unacceptable manner. There are times when citizens act in a reckless manner.

My view on the two shootings by officers. In both, I am extremely saddened. I think, however, it is irresponsible for us to rush to judgement before thinking about the whole situation.

The first one was totally unacceptable in my view. The victim was being held down by two officers, not much chance of him doing the officers harm. I cannot see any good reason for this shooting. Taser should be the first option.

The second one, the officer did react hastily, however, let’s look at the whole picture. The driver told the officer he had a weapon and then reaches into his pocket. How was the officer supposed to know the driver was reaching for his license and not the gun?  These days I think it is extremely important for citizens to use some common sense as well. If the driver had been white and did the same thing, the situation, with the same officer, would have had the same results. This was not a black issue in my mind. This was an issue of an officer reacting too quickly to a driver who said that he had a weapon and proceeded to reach in his pocket. The thoughts going through the officers mind may have been: is he reaching for his gun? ” Keep your hands up where I can see them, sir”, He’s not following my instructions, fear, pow. It is done.

Anyone, white, Hispanic, black, can say they are reaching for their license and come up with a gun. There was no way for the  officer to know if he was going to be facing a gun or not.

I am not blaming the shooting on the victim, I am saddened by his death. All I am saying is that we all have responsibilities. Officers need to use restraint and we need to follow instructions given by officers and not assume they know what we are thinking.

This all resulted in a horrible event, five officers dead, more injured, which can only produce more anxiety in officers around the country. T

he other option might be to just disband police altogether. Just let everyone rum amok. That does not sound logical, or safe, to me. Then, we have more people killing each other than we already do. Not the America I want.

Out of touch with the middle class, the poor, and minorities?

Thoughts to ponder:

Trump has a house that has gold rooms, I mean really gold, ceiling to floor and gold furniture, as well. (His wife did a national interview from there within the last week.) He says he speaks for all classes of Americans. How can he understand you when he has not ever walked in your shoes, when he lives in mansions that are more like fairy tales, then real life? How can he go out and see us, the hard-working, just fighting to get by and then go home to his gold house and say that he understands everyone’s frustration and struggles? He has NO comprehension of what it is like outside his gold house. He can’t see it even when he talks to people outside, because he is too narcissistic, he sees his own face, hundreds of “Trumps” looking back at him in adoration and hope. He is not capable of seeing anyone except himself. I feel great pity for the ones that are so easily conned by him. They will be sadly, and embarrassingly disappointed. 

Let’s look at one fact from the past. Russia’s government has never been one that we have aspired to be for obvious reasons, yet Trump admires and praises Putin, saying that he’s got it right, things are under control there. What methods would Trump take from Putin to get America “under control”?

When David Duke, former KKK grand wizard endorsed him, and so many people got upset, Trump disavowed him, but claimed he knew nothing about Duke or white supremacists. Excuse me? How can someone his age live their life in America, claim they know everything and not hear about white supremacists? That is someone who is really out of touch. And, turns out, even that statement of ignorance is a lie because in 2000 he refused to run on the Reform Party platform because David Duke was a member of that party. Now he wants us to believe he knows nothing about Duke? Is he really that forgetful? Is that what you want in a president – CRS? (Can’t Remember Shit!) I know I don’t. 
Just the fact that his message is resounding with people like white supremacists says that the message is in step with twisted,  bigoted thinking. That is terrifying. Trump seems to forget or greatly dislike and disapprove of what America has always stood for and our values. Trump has no respect for this country.

I would like you to read something that I read recently. Transcripts from interviews with Donald Trump:; Trump’s comments on the KKK over the years.

All decent Americans must stand up and not let him get the nomination. This country cannot afford to have a president that has the support and endorsment of white supremacists becase his message sounds like theirs.

Are you American? 

Children or adults

How can mature people find this candidate’s insulting behavior and thin skin worthy of the highest office in the nation? Have we really stooped so low? Children can’t even vote, how can they register to vote? Come on, people. Every president has to get approval from congress for EVERYTHING. Apparently there are a lot of voters who do not have a clue about how government works. No one can walk into office and stomp their foot and demean everyone and get their way. This is America, not North Korea.

Trump supporters…. who are they?

I have been driven to madness, as many have, by Teflon Trump.

Why does he have so many supporters? Who are these people who find this childish, bully, narcissistic behavior attractive or even desireable in a president. Isn’t the president of North Korea considered a spoiled “leader”?

On social media, I have noticed a disturbing trend about Trump supporters. They tend to display many racist, hateful feelings. I believe that many of these same people would have been strong supporters of Hitler. Scary, right?

How can an adult, running for the most powerful office in the world, be okay with re-tweeting something from an obvious hater? I will not give this hater the exposure he desires in this blog, by mentioning his twitter account, but it does contain lots of anti-semitism and Nazi propoganda. Most adults, that I know, would not want to send out something from a person like that. I can’t understand that kind of thinking. Was it because he found the negative content about an opponent, satisfyingly funny? Is he a Nazi? Or a hater of people not like him or who do not agree with him?

How is all this behavior okay? Would you be proud of your child if they were as inconsiderate and hateful?