America alone…

There seems to be no hope for America now! Our incompetent president has succeeded in making the U.S. a lone wolf and weaker on the world stage than we have EVER been. 

I hope the rest of the world understands that he does NOT represent the majority of Americans. The greatest majority of the PEOPLE of this nation care about the poor, religious freedom, the climate and environmental protection. We want our children and grandchildren to be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy the beauty in this world.

Trump is treating the world the way he treats women — with complete lack of respect. Have his way and laugh about it later. I am sickened by his lack of understanding, his inability to see all sides and turning a deaf ear to the majority of advisors. He disrespected his daughter and son-in-law, too, by ignoring their advice and choosing the advice of a few who agreed with him.

Democracy is nearly dead in America and a dictator is pushing his way to the top. 

God help us…