Trump Memory, Travel, etc.

Trump is proving that he has some form of dementia or other mental illness. He can’t remember anything he says, even just a few days or hours later.

Trump “ragged” about Obama’s travels and how much it cost every time he left the WH.

Now Trump is off to Florida nearly every weekend. He goes to NY to Trump Tower I don’t know how often.

So far, WH will not release any information about cost….

I don’t know about you, but I want transparency about how my money is being spent.

We don’t pay taxes just for the President’s pocket. We are not his employees, we are citizens. 

Didn’t he say that there would be more transparency than any president in the past? Really? No wonder he is wanting to cut so many programs from the budget, he needs to have money for all that security!

He said he would be so busy at the WH that he wouldn’t have time to go to that Florida place or play golf.  Really?

He said he would be a president for all the people… Really?

He doesn’t give a damn about the country or anyone in it. We have to just keep sending our tax money to him so he can fly to that Florida place nearly every weekend…….

Then there are his four kids and their families that get around the clock protection!

It may not be wrong to spend all this tax money however he chooses, but I would think that someone who CLAIMS he loves America and wants to work for all the people and spend our money carefully, would be more conscientious about the money spent on all the travel on “business”. That is what the WH is for, idiot!

Like so many intelligent people know, he has conned a lot of Americans. I didn’t know we had so many suckers in this country! No wonder there are so many scammers out there, they know there are enough suckers to help them get extremely wealthy!

I didn’t think a President was supposed to be allowed to have so much power? When did all this change? 

We don’t seem to be America anymore, it feels like a dictatorship.

God help us….


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