Can America survive?

trump supporters heard a totally different message than everyone else. Have his supporters just ignored his disrespect, hatred, cursing, etc.? Or, sadly, really don’t care? Or have the non-supporters ignored the message because it was clouded by the hate and bigotry spewing from his mouth?

People want to blame Obama for the situation we are in. Even Democrats are forgetting that when Obama was elected, the Republican-controlled congress said and vowed by signing an agreement, that they would not vote for anything that Obama wanted, regardless of what it did to the country, and they succeeded. Childish, I know. Now with a Republican government, maybe things will get done. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Democrat anti-trump protestors are trying to demonstrate (peacefully) their fear of the man they saw threatening the deportation of people that scare him. Fear of the man that has no respect for women (regardless of his words about respecting women more than anyone). The man that loves war and would “bomb the s**t out of them”. 

Riot-lovers have turned peaceful demonstrations into riots for decades. They don’t care about the message, they just want to destroy stuff. 

If he does the good things that he promises, then that is fantastic and I would love it! In the meantime, I hope to see him refrain from the previous disgusting, demeaning, racist language and misogyny.  The schoolyard bully.

A con man can make a pile of dog doo-doo look attractive and delicious! I believe presentation and actions say more about a person than their words, but I hope and pray that his words speak louder than his actions. (He has opened a Pandora’s box of division and anarchy.)

This could turn out to be the best thing for America in a long time. Not likely, but possible!

I will not hold my breath and I am skeptical. Waiting for his gold-plated words to become action and reality.

Time will tell. To be continued……..


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