Throw out the healthcare plan?

No, The healthcare plan is not perfect. 

My house is not perfect. Should I burn it down and start  over? That makes no sense at all, I don’t have billions of dollars to do that.

If the current healthcare plan is thrown out, the insurance companies can turn you and your children down for pre-existing conditions. Your children cannot be covered while going to college. They can put a limit on how much they will pay in a lifetime, meaning all those parents with children that have terminal diseases will have to pay insane amounts of money when that maximum is reached. 

EXCUSE ME? Does that make sense to any mature, or even half mature, person?

I continue to be baffled by the lack of common sense and lack of decency left in the people who support trump. 

This latest stuff on Hillary hasn’t even been shown to voters and people are just jumping to conclusions. It is highly probable that these e-mails are not connected to her at all. But no one knows the content.

When you go home, does your boss know what you are doing? Does your boss know when you go to the bathroom? Does your boss know your private conversation with your spouse?

NO. So Why should Hillary be on the hook for something at a staffer’s house that she knew NOTHING about?

Maturity, even to the age of 8 or so, would know that that is very dumb to make a judgement without facts.

I would not want to see ANY trump supporter on a jury!

I am saddened by America’s descent into the mud and s**t! 


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