Reading trump’s mind….

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of the trump people defending his comments in a way that requires us to read his mind and ignore his words! Come on people! If he wants us to know what he means,he needs to say what he means! He says he does not know if he will accept the outcome of the election…but we are supposed to take that as a “yes, I will”? 


And when he calls people names, we are supposed to “know” that means he respects them? Basically saying that he can do whatever he wants to women because he is a celebrity, really means he respects women? Wow! I really don’t know what planet he is from!

Grow up, trump, and take defeat gracefully, like a REAL man.

Even the low-lifes I have met in my life, are not nearly as low as this person! The only other being I am aware of that fights so hard to destroy people who don’t agree with him and spends so much time fueling the fire of hatred and bigotry is the devil! Hmmmm, who has taken over his mind? SCARY! Very scary.


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