Respect for women is not that important…?

I saw on the news today that Chris Christie said, he did not agree with trump’s language about women, but there are more important issues here. More important? Sweep it under the rug ’cause it’s not important? Aren’t we Americans? or are we still just toys to men?  

I am very offended that people who want to be in a position of power don’t consider the poor treatment of any group of Americans to be important. This is a dangerous message to be sending to the people out there who are already sexist and rasist. If our leaders cannot show the need for respect to each other, how can we trust them to protect any specific group from bigotry, disrespect and hatred?

trump is a sexist and a lech. He continually proves it with his attacks on women, his objectification of women. He has not changed and he will never change. Getting such a following by being who he is just makes him want more and he will get worse, not better.


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