Trump taxes…..

So, it’s genius that Trump figured out loopholes to save him from paying taxes? So much about this is just wrong.

It may not have been illegal, but it was sneeky and hard on the rest of us. Our taxes rise, in part due to people like him. Government needs taxes to operate, if there is not enough money taxes must go up and who takes the hit for that? Not the wealthy, they find loopholes. 

His goal is to take care of his family and his employees? Well, if he really intended to help his employees, it would have been helpful to point out to tax lawmakers that employees’ taxes are going up because there are too many loopholes for the wealthy business owners. Wouldn’t that have been the right thing to do? It is said by some that he is kind, generous and considerate. Seriously? Just think about that.

He will fix it? Ha. What a joke. He may request tax code changes, but it will be voted down. And guaranteed he won’t fight that. He wants to teach other big corporations how to avoid taxes. Does he have any clue what programs are operated from those taxes? Where would vets be without their program? Where would senior citizens be without SS? Very few people have the good fortune to get to retirement with millions of dollars to carry them through to the end.

He wants to annihilate ISIS. How can he do that if there is no money? Where is the genius there? 

He is all about him and no one else.

TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP and the rest of the world be damned! (Except his buddy Putin, of course!)


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