Repeal Obamacare?

How much sense does it make to throw out the healthcare act?

Think about it: you buy a new car, get a flat tire and so you throw the new car away! Because the tires aren’t perfect?

Anyone knows that is ridiculous and stupid. Simply put on a new tire!

The best first fix for insurance is to monitor the greedy insurance companies and don’t let them rip us off and take advantage of us! Second, change the breakdown for premiums. Those are way too high for the average middle-class and retirees.

If anyone was really paying attention to the original plan of Obamacare, it was supposed to help and provide insurance for everyone. It would have been a good plan at that point, But through the course of trying to get it passed through congress there had to be some compromises which ended up being good for insurance companies and bad for consumers.

But then that fight was to be expected since, when Obama won the election, the Republicans said that they would not pass ANYTHING that Obama wanted, regardless of what it was. And they have done that through the full eight years. They also said that they were going to make sure that he did not get a second term and, at the very least, they were going to leave him with a bad legacy. They have nearly succeeded in that. One thing about the Republicans, sometimes they keep their word!

Don’t throw out your new house because something doesn’t work exactly right! Let’s be reasonable! 


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