Reading trump’s mind….

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of the trump people defending his comments in a way that requires us to read his mind and ignore his words! Come on people! If he wants us to know what he means,he needs to say what he means! He says he does not know if he will accept the outcome of the election…but we are supposed to take that as a “yes, I will”? 


And when he calls people names, we are supposed to “know” that means he respects them? Basically saying that he can do whatever he wants to women because he is a celebrity, really means he respects women? Wow! I really don’t know what planet he is from!

Grow up, trump, and take defeat gracefully, like a REAL man.

Even the low-lifes I have met in my life, are not nearly as low as this person! The only other being I am aware of that fights so hard to destroy people who don’t agree with him and spends so much time fueling the fire of hatred and bigotry is the devil! Hmmmm, who has taken over his mind? SCARY! Very scary.


Respect for women is not that important…?

I saw on the news today that Chris Christie said, he did not agree with trump’s language about women, but there are more important issues here. More important? Sweep it under the rug ’cause it’s not important? Aren’t we Americans? or are we still just toys to men?  

I am very offended that people who want to be in a position of power don’t consider the poor treatment of any group of Americans to be important. This is a dangerous message to be sending to the people out there who are already sexist and rasist. If our leaders cannot show the need for respect to each other, how can we trust them to protect any specific group from bigotry, disrespect and hatred?

trump is a sexist and a lech. He continually proves it with his attacks on women, his objectification of women. He has not changed and he will never change. Getting such a following by being who he is just makes him want more and he will get worse, not better.

Repeal Obamacare?

How much sense does it make to throw out the healthcare act?

Think about it: you buy a new car, get a flat tire and so you throw the new car away! Because the tires aren’t perfect?

Anyone knows that is ridiculous and stupid. Simply put on a new tire!

The best first fix for insurance is to monitor the greedy insurance companies and don’t let them rip us off and take advantage of us! Second, change the breakdown for premiums. Those are way too high for the average middle-class and retirees.

If anyone was really paying attention to the original plan of Obamacare, it was supposed to help and provide insurance for everyone. It would have been a good plan at that point, But through the course of trying to get it passed through congress there had to be some compromises which ended up being good for insurance companies and bad for consumers.

But then that fight was to be expected since, when Obama won the election, the Republicans said that they would not pass ANYTHING that Obama wanted, regardless of what it was. And they have done that through the full eight years. They also said that they were going to make sure that he did not get a second term and, at the very least, they were going to leave him with a bad legacy. They have nearly succeeded in that. One thing about the Republicans, sometimes they keep their word!

Don’t throw out your new house because something doesn’t work exactly right! Let’s be reasonable! 

Trump a changed man?

The comments made by trump about women was nothing short of deplorable. Yes, I said deplorable!

People have said that we should forgive him. True. As individuals we would do well to forgive him, however, he is still the same person who disrespects women (and others). If he had become a better man and showed us that he was good and respectful to all people from the beginning, the video could have been defended and left in the dust. But when there is no change, there is no defence that makes sense.

Let’s say that someone you hardly know stabs your son causing life-threatening injuries. You can forgive them, but do you really want to bring them into your home to sharpen your knives?

trump wants to lead this country! Scary, scary, scary…..

Trump taxes…..

So, it’s genius that Trump figured out loopholes to save him from paying taxes? So much about this is just wrong.

It may not have been illegal, but it was sneeky and hard on the rest of us. Our taxes rise, in part due to people like him. Government needs taxes to operate, if there is not enough money taxes must go up and who takes the hit for that? Not the wealthy, they find loopholes. 

His goal is to take care of his family and his employees? Well, if he really intended to help his employees, it would have been helpful to point out to tax lawmakers that employees’ taxes are going up because there are too many loopholes for the wealthy business owners. Wouldn’t that have been the right thing to do? It is said by some that he is kind, generous and considerate. Seriously? Just think about that.

He will fix it? Ha. What a joke. He may request tax code changes, but it will be voted down. And guaranteed he won’t fight that. He wants to teach other big corporations how to avoid taxes. Does he have any clue what programs are operated from those taxes? Where would vets be without their program? Where would senior citizens be without SS? Very few people have the good fortune to get to retirement with millions of dollars to carry them through to the end.

He wants to annihilate ISIS. How can he do that if there is no money? Where is the genius there? 

He is all about him and no one else.

TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP and the rest of the world be damned! (Except his buddy Putin, of course!)