Presidential debate…….

So I watched the debate…..  Pence says that Trump showed great restraint! Really? Is that what you call his attacks and interruptions, restraint? I was not impressed with him at all. The only restraint I saw was not using “crooked” in his language!

When he said Hillary does not have the temperament to be president, but he does, I LMAO! That was the funniest joke of the night!

He has no concept of diplomacy. That may be an attractive thing to his supporters that don’t know diplomacy themselves, but if you consider the repercussions of his attitude when speaking with other world leaders, that is a dangerous way to be. We will become a joke and a target to the rest of the world. Rolling his eyes, making faces, interrupting with “not true” or “I did not”, is not only immature, but rude.

He would be a disgrace to our country and cause more hatred and attacks in our land.

I have been undecided about whether I could vote at all, but one thing I do know is that there is no way I would ever vote for Trump. His way of answering questions is to blame everyone for how “terrible ” things are in the USA. He avoids the questions with attack, attack, attack.

I was mostly impressed with Hillary. There were a couple digs she got in that made her lower herself to his level and I didn’t like it, but she showed a much more presidential demeanor. She took the high road way more than he did. (I’m not sure he has experienced the high road ever in his life). She was right when she quipped that soon she would be blamed for everything. He did say that she has spent her whole life avoiding getting rid of ISIS! How stupid is that comment? 

When she said he had not paid any federal taxes, he chided “I was being smart”. No wonder the middle class has to pay so much more in taxes, the wealthy aren’t paying anything to run the government, ’cause they are being smart! And he wants to lower taxes for the rich? Because they create the jobs? How can you create jobs when you are giving MILLIONS in bonuses and terminations to CEOs? Use that money to pay a lot more employees! The only thing that will come from lowering taxes for the wealthy is there will be even more money in the pockets of the already well-off and still no more jobs.

I agree with Hillary that employees should get to have a portion of the profits, it should not all go to the top when they aren’t doing the actual labor! 

I think the more I hear (or in Trump’s case, the less I hear) I think there is only one way I can vote now….

I’m with her!