True or False?

Why are so many people anxious to grab onto negative, often false information about other people? Trump is so scared of Clinton that he knows the ONLY thing he has is to find, or make up, negative stuff he can throw out there about her. He doesn’t care if it is true or false or unimportant. As long as he can be negative, there are millions of people that love negativity so much that they grab on to that bone like a hungry dog and don’t let go, regardless if they find out that the information is falsified and inaccurate. I really despise people who love negative stuff about others, even if it is false, more than any good about them.  I think it is to make them feel better about themselves. If that person can look really bad, I can look really good next to them.

Despicable, that is what those people are.  Let’s just go ahead and put Trump in office and see what happens. He wants to run the country like it is one of his own personal companies. Would that be the companies that went bankrupt? Or the ones that are millions of dollars in debt? Hmmmmm..

How is his money being spent? Who is he paying off to get what he wants? Is his “audit” really that? Or is it a cooking of the books to hide something? What is the reason the IRS began an audit anyway? 

One more thing: Trump calls his values, values of love and respect!!!  That is a LMAO statement, if I ever heard one! He needs to look up the meaning of love and respect. Has this man ever looked in a dictionary? Does he even know what a dictionary is? I wonder….