Just supposed to believe his kids? 

What child do you know that has a billionaire dad that would say anything bad about their dad? They’d be cut out of the Will! 

I have NEVER seen the kind, considerate, blah, blah, blah, person they say he is. SHOW US!!!! The devil can make evil look attractive and desireable while leading unsuspecting people down the road to destruction.

And Mr Christie saying that Clinton will do anything, say anything, to be president. ???????  Isn’t that what Trump has been doing all aling?   If not, Where have I been? When Christie points a finger at Clinton, does he realize there are three fingers pointing back at him? All this disgusting behavior is on the national stage! I would be so embarrassed to have millions of people watch me being so immature and hateful!

And prison….. Maybe Trump and Clinton should be put in jail in the same cell! Hillary for emails, Trump for his scam called Trump University, taking advantage of people who don’t have tons of money. Trump is not squeeky clean. He has mud all over him, as much as any politician!

Why are we electing a president based on how mean he can be and how much mud he can sling, instead of how he plans to get things done? That is immature on his supporter’s side!

How can his radical behavior be called conservative? I don’t get it! 

He spews venom and gets more supporters, someone points out some of his faults and HE gets more supporters! What? He travels the low road and gets supporters, his opponent tries to take the high road and HE gets supporters! 

If Clinton refused to release her tax reports, he would be all over her like stink on a skunk!

Call me stupid, but this is making my head spin! All of this defies logic!

                                                I AM SO FED UP WITH THIS CHILDISH BEHAVIOR! 

                                                             GET THE PAIN OVER ALREADY!

I hope I can still love America even with him in office.

Now I have to go throw up! LOL

Thanks for listening.

God help us! And God bless America in spite of ourselves. 


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