Ramblings from my head – Trump is a good man…..?

Hmmmm. If intelligent people on the political stage tell us that Trump is a good guy, why is the public not allowed to see that? Why is he such an arrogant buffoon when on stage? If he is as great as they say he is then his supporters are not going to be happy for f he becomes that good guy because they want to embrace the hatred, bigotry, anger and racism.

I don’t get it! This is my theory, which I may have shared before. He is a nice guy (fake, acting) behind the curtain because he needs to impress big names. But when he comes out from behind the curtain he is the real Mr. Trump, full of hate, bigotry, venom and loves causing division in America. It is like his thinking is that he can get America more divided than ever then swoop in like a super hero and turn it all around in a day or two and save America! Wow, our hero! NOT!

He admires things about Saddam Hussein, Hitler and Putin. All of which were/are dictators, communists, tyrants. He may have denounced the endorsement of KKK, I didn’t hear when he did that, but think about it, why did the KKK feel they wanted to endorse him? Do you think it was his racist attitude? Something he said appealed to the KKK.

Really now, do we want to be controlled? Trump is a dictator. I recall an interview he did in which it was pointed out to him that as president, what he wants done has to pass congress and his reply was “They will do what I tell them to do.” Sounds like a dictator to me!

And about his trophy wife, how can she use so many phrases from Michelle Obama’s speech and both her and Donald see nothing wrong with that, just claim she thought of them herself and everything is good. Wouldn’t she have been smart to look back at former wives speeches to make sure she did not plagiarize. I think an intelligent person would do that. And Trump puts people down for reading from a teleprompter, wasn’t that what she was doing? 

Oh, yeah, I want a first lady that exposed her nude body to the camera! Let’s distract the American male from the reality of the president and get him turned on by the first lady! That’s a real presidential thing to do. Showing her nude picture to everyone was very disrespectful of him. (But he respects women, he says.)

He acts like he is royalty. Not subject to anything the “common” people are.

What is wrong with so many Americans? Are they just stupid or are they so angry that it makes them easy targets for a con man?

So many reasons he is bad and dangerous for America. The world will now view us as; America, made up of hateful people, racists and shallow men!

He is going to bring law and order to this country, but he won’t say how. That’s Scary.

Sadly, I think he is going to be our president. Say goodbye to a 240 year old America😢, say goodbye to freedom ☹️, say hello to Trumpland! 😬

☹️ R. I. P. AMERICA. 😪😪😥😢


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