The devil is headed for the White House…

There is only one thing that really terrifies me and that is Trump as President. What makes him think he can fix ANYTHING? The divide in this country became wider than it has ever been when he opened his mouth and spit hatred, bigotry and venom. 

 If you are a Christian and have read Revelation, you know that all these things happening right now are a sign of the times. 

We need to be ready. The King is coming and He is the ONLY one that can save us from the devil (in the body of Trump) and his terrifying work of hatred and death. Don’t be decieved, the devil is working through Trump and this nation is in for an unpleasant surprise. 

God is the only one that can give me peace in the face of this evil we are facing.

We who are Christians and believe in God, need to hold tight to the promises from God, that He will see us through. (not Trump Christian. Christian means one who follows Christ, the only one Trump follows is Trump). 

Peace be with you all.


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