This is not about politics this time, but about police and the people they are assigned to protect.

This last week was so terrible and hard to observe. I agree that there are times when police react in an unacceptable manner. There are times when citizens act in a reckless manner.

My view on the two shootings by officers. In both, I am extremely saddened. I think, however, it is irresponsible for us to rush to judgement before thinking about the whole situation.

The first one was totally unacceptable in my view. The victim was being held down by two officers, not much chance of him doing the officers harm. I cannot see any good reason for this shooting. Taser should be the first option.

The second one, the officer did react hastily, however, let’s look at the whole picture. The driver told the officer he had a weapon and then reaches into his pocket. How was the officer supposed to know the driver was reaching for his license and not the gun?  These days I think it is extremely important for citizens to use some common sense as well. If the driver had been white and did the same thing, the situation, with the same officer, would have had the same results. This was not a black issue in my mind. This was an issue of an officer reacting too quickly to a driver who said that he had a weapon and proceeded to reach in his pocket. The thoughts going through the officers mind may have been: is he reaching for his gun? ” Keep your hands up where I can see them, sir”, He’s not following my instructions, fear, pow. It is done.

Anyone, white, Hispanic, black, can say they are reaching for their license and come up with a gun. There was no way for the  officer to know if he was going to be facing a gun or not.

I am not blaming the shooting on the victim, I am saddened by his death. All I am saying is that we all have responsibilities. Officers need to use restraint and we need to follow instructions given by officers and not assume they know what we are thinking.

This all resulted in a horrible event, five officers dead, more injured, which can only produce more anxiety in officers around the country. T

he other option might be to just disband police altogether. Just let everyone rum amok. That does not sound logical, or safe, to me. Then, we have more people killing each other than we already do. Not the America I want.


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