What is a fair court decision for Trump?

Trump, (you know the one, he’s the one who everyone treats so unfairly! LOL) that one. He is afraid an American judge won’t be fair to him.

He is working his biggest con yet and there are plenty of suckers out there to fall into the trap. Now that he has made this fuss, if the judge rules against him, he can say, “See I said I wouldn’t be treated fairly!” 

The only decision Trump sees as fair is a ruling in his favor. If that were the case for all criminals, there would be empty prisons all over the country. 

Think about it……

Then he PRETENDS to recant his comment. He doesn’t though, he still threw in a comment that would keep his prejudice out there when he reiterated that what he said was legitimate. 

If all judges of Hispanic descent, or any other minority, can’t be trusted to be fair, then what is there? 

If a judge whose parents are Hispanic can’t be unbiased to a white person, then a white judge can’t be unbiased to a Hispanic descendant or an African-American, an African-American judge can’t be fair to a white or Hispanic, and so on and so forth…… Do you see the complete chaos our legal system would become?

What bothers me the most about this is seeing confirmation of how many supposedly intelligent people in America can be conned so easily. The powerful people who accepted his thinly-veiled recant are being suckered. Where are we headed? Suckers being controlled by a thin-skinned bully is a perfect setup for DICTATORSHIP.

If a company CEO acted like Trump has for months, it would be considered totally unacceptable, why do people see this behavior as desireable in a President? Where is the America I have known and loved all my life? 

It is so sad…..


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