Trump supporters…. who are they?

I have been driven to madness, as many have, by Teflon Trump.

Why does he have so many supporters? Who are these people who find this childish, bully, narcissistic behavior attractive or even desireable in a president. Isn’t the president of North Korea considered a spoiled “leader”?

On social media, I have noticed a disturbing trend about Trump supporters. They tend to display many racist, hateful feelings. I believe that many of these same people would have been strong supporters of Hitler. Scary, right?

How can an adult, running for the most powerful office in the world, be okay with re-tweeting something from an obvious hater? I will not give this hater the exposure he desires in this blog, by mentioning his twitter account, but it does contain lots of anti-semitism and Nazi propoganda. Most adults, that I know, would not want to send out something from a person like that. I can’t understand that kind of thinking. Was it because he found the negative content about an opponent, satisfyingly funny? Is he a Nazi? Or a hater of people not like him or who do not agree with him?

How is all this behavior okay? Would you be proud of your child if they were as inconsiderate and hateful?