Silence is golden?

I have been wondering if trump is actually doing something about Russia on the down-low! Perhaps he believes that he can show that he does the right thing, but holds his cards close to his vest, then everyone will say “look he really does have our best interests at heart, he just does things quietly, we can quit worrying about what he is doing, he’ll do the right thing!” Then trump can pull off his hijacking of America without much opposition. If he does pull something like that, don’t be fooled by his silence going forward. He does not have America’s best interests at heart. Mark my words. He will use his ability to do the right thing behind the scenes, to his benefit. ‘Keep the wool pulled over their eyes and you can do anything’!


Does the current US President represent all American citizens?

No, he does not!

Dear world:

The vast majority of Americans have not given up our values. We still care about others. We are heartbroken by the dark and hateful minority that are complicit and believe that the behavior of the president is fine.

I cannot convey in words the shock and dismay we feel at his, nearly daily, dark behavior.

We, the majority of citizens, do not in any way, share his vile views.

I, personally, can never condone his language or white supremacist views.

America alone…

There seems to be no hope for America now! Our incompetent president has succeeded in making the U.S. a lone wolf and weaker on the world stage than we have EVER been. 

I hope the rest of the world understands that he does NOT represent the majority of Americans. The greatest majority of the PEOPLE of this nation care about the poor, religious freedom, the climate and environmental protection. We want our children and grandchildren to be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy the beauty in this world.

Trump is treating the world the way he treats women — with complete lack of respect. Have his way and laugh about it later. I am sickened by his lack of understanding, his inability to see all sides and turning a deaf ear to the majority of advisors. He disrespected his daughter and son-in-law, too, by ignoring their advice and choosing the advice of a few who agreed with him.

Democracy is nearly dead in America and a dictator is pushing his way to the top. 

God help us…

Trump Memory, Travel, etc.

Trump is proving that he has some form of dementia or other mental illness. He can’t remember anything he says, even just a few days or hours later.

Trump “ragged” about Obama’s travels and how much it cost every time he left the WH.

Now Trump is off to Florida nearly every weekend. He goes to NY to Trump Tower I don’t know how often.

So far, WH will not release any information about cost….

I don’t know about you, but I want transparency about how my money is being spent.

We don’t pay taxes just for the President’s pocket. We are not his employees, we are citizens. 

Didn’t he say that there would be more transparency than any president in the past? Really? No wonder he is wanting to cut so many programs from the budget, he needs to have money for all that security!

He said he would be so busy at the WH that he wouldn’t have time to go to that Florida place or play golf.  Really?

He said he would be a president for all the people… Really?

He doesn’t give a damn about the country or anyone in it. We have to just keep sending our tax money to him so he can fly to that Florida place nearly every weekend…….

Then there are his four kids and their families that get around the clock protection!

It may not be wrong to spend all this tax money however he chooses, but I would think that someone who CLAIMS he loves America and wants to work for all the people and spend our money carefully, would be more conscientious about the money spent on all the travel on “business”. That is what the WH is for, idiot!

Like so many intelligent people know, he has conned a lot of Americans. I didn’t know we had so many suckers in this country! No wonder there are so many scammers out there, they know there are enough suckers to help them get extremely wealthy!

I didn’t think a President was supposed to be allowed to have so much power? When did all this change? 

We don’t seem to be America anymore, it feels like a dictatorship.

God help us….

Can America survive?

trump supporters heard a totally different message than everyone else. Have his supporters just ignored his disrespect, hatred, cursing, etc.? Or, sadly, really don’t care? Or have the non-supporters ignored the message because it was clouded by the hate and bigotry spewing from his mouth?

People want to blame Obama for the situation we are in. Even Democrats are forgetting that when Obama was elected, the Republican-controlled congress said and vowed by signing an agreement, that they would not vote for anything that Obama wanted, regardless of what it did to the country, and they succeeded. Childish, I know. Now with a Republican government, maybe things will get done. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Democrat anti-trump protestors are trying to demonstrate (peacefully) their fear of the man they saw threatening the deportation of people that scare him. Fear of the man that has no respect for women (regardless of his words about respecting women more than anyone). The man that loves war and would “bomb the s**t out of them”. 

Riot-lovers have turned peaceful demonstrations into riots for decades. They don’t care about the message, they just want to destroy stuff. 

If he does the good things that he promises, then that is fantastic and I would love it! In the meantime, I hope to see him refrain from the previous disgusting, demeaning, racist language and misogyny.  The schoolyard bully.

A con man can make a pile of dog doo-doo look attractive and delicious! I believe presentation and actions say more about a person than their words, but I hope and pray that his words speak louder than his actions. (He has opened a Pandora’s box of division and anarchy.)

This could turn out to be the best thing for America in a long time. Not likely, but possible!

I will not hold my breath and I am skeptical. Waiting for his gold-plated words to become action and reality.

Time will tell. To be continued……..

Sad day…..

I don’t know what to say. Even though I knew this would happen, I kept hoping that this would be one time my gut was wrong.

I am a Christian and I need an attitude adjustment! This is what we have and just continuing fear and negative thoughts is going to hurt me more than anyone around me. 

Having been through many gut-wrenching disappointments in my life, I do know that I will  find peace in spite of the situation. 

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? – Psalm 27:1

Election night

Tonight I am trying to avoid watching the election results. My anxiety is high. I know that tomorrow this country will be different. It will never be the same again, no matter who is elected. 

If trump wins, he is too unstable and paranoid to be a safe one with his finger on the nuclear weapon button. He has said things like “I’d bomb the s**t out of them” and “Tell them to go f*** themselves” and “I love war!” 

If he loses, his supporters will rise up and retaliate, and I have no doubt that trump will be right there pushing and encouraging them.

He has already proven he is a sore loser.

I have been reading the Bible more the last few months and I am convinced that Daniel 11 has a message that points directly at trump.

This is the end time. Everyone that reads this, please make sure that your life is right with God. We are standing on the edge of the cliff. There are only two directions to choose, down or up. I don’t want to go down! 

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” -Psalms 121:1

Thankfully, there is a brighter day coming in the very near future for those who have chosen to follow God, the Creator!

 Praise the Lord! 

Throw out the healthcare plan?

No, The healthcare plan is not perfect. 

My house is not perfect. Should I burn it down and start  over? That makes no sense at all, I don’t have billions of dollars to do that.

If the current healthcare plan is thrown out, the insurance companies can turn you and your children down for pre-existing conditions. Your children cannot be covered while going to college. They can put a limit on how much they will pay in a lifetime, meaning all those parents with children that have terminal diseases will have to pay insane amounts of money when that maximum is reached. 

EXCUSE ME? Does that make sense to any mature, or even half mature, person?

I continue to be baffled by the lack of common sense and lack of decency left in the people who support trump. 

This latest stuff on Hillary hasn’t even been shown to voters and people are just jumping to conclusions. It is highly probable that these e-mails are not connected to her at all. But no one knows the content.

When you go home, does your boss know what you are doing? Does your boss know when you go to the bathroom? Does your boss know your private conversation with your spouse?

NO. So Why should Hillary be on the hook for something at a staffer’s house that she knew NOTHING about?

Maturity, even to the age of 8 or so, would know that that is very dumb to make a judgement without facts.

I would not want to see ANY trump supporter on a jury!

I am saddened by America’s descent into the mud and s**t! 

Reading trump’s mind….

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of the trump people defending his comments in a way that requires us to read his mind and ignore his words! Come on people! If he wants us to know what he means,he needs to say what he means! He says he does not know if he will accept the outcome of the election…but we are supposed to take that as a “yes, I will”? 


And when he calls people names, we are supposed to “know” that means he respects them? Basically saying that he can do whatever he wants to women because he is a celebrity, really means he respects women? Wow! I really don’t know what planet he is from!

Grow up, trump, and take defeat gracefully, like a REAL man.

Even the low-lifes I have met in my life, are not nearly as low as this person! The only other being I am aware of that fights so hard to destroy people who don’t agree with him and spends so much time fueling the fire of hatred and bigotry is the devil! Hmmmm, who has taken over his mind? SCARY! Very scary.

Respect for women is not that important…?

I saw on the news today that Chris Christie said, he did not agree with trump’s language about women, but there are more important issues here. More important? Sweep it under the rug ’cause it’s not important? Aren’t we Americans? or are we still just toys to men?  

I am very offended that people who want to be in a position of power don’t consider the poor treatment of any group of Americans to be important. This is a dangerous message to be sending to the people out there who are already sexist and rasist. If our leaders cannot show the need for respect to each other, how can we trust them to protect any specific group from bigotry, disrespect and hatred?

trump is a sexist and a lech. He continually proves it with his attacks on women, his objectification of women. He has not changed and he will never change. Getting such a following by being who he is just makes him want more and he will get worse, not better.